【ENG】[Close Reporting] Behind the Scenes of the Shooting of Japanese dance group, TTT IVE ‘LOVE DIVE’ KPOP IN PUBLIC

Close Reporting Project Part 2

This article is an introduction to two different Dance Cover videos of IVE/LOVE DIVE by TTT.

  • KPOP IN PUBLIC in Tokyo Station
  • DANCE PRACTICE in the Studio

I closely followed behind-the-scenes coverage of the two shoots.

Let’s see how such a high quality video can be shot by any arrangement!

You can find previous articles about TTT below, and if you are new to TTT, please check them out as we are slowly closing in on the mystery of TTT.

A limited angle video is also uploaded at the very end of the article. The video was taken by me from the side during the interview and is pieced together so that no one involved is in the video. Please watch to the end.

Start of Close Reporting

The KPOP IN PUBLIC video shoot at Tokyo Station and the DANCE PRACTICE shoot at the studio took place on the same day.

I was surprised when I heard they were going to do two different shoots on the same day, It’s amazing how much physical and mental strength they have.

Let’s take a look at them in turn.

KPOP IN PUBLIC in Tokyo Station

First, we started shooting at Tokyo Station in the morning. There were still few people, so it was a good situation for dancing.

In between dances, the members frequently checked their standing positions.

There were also students on a school trip behind us, who seemed to be enjoying themselves as spectators across the street.

And please take a look at the recently released Tokyo Station ver. video first.

The beauty of the thumbnail is amazing. There is no one who can pass by this thumbnail, right?

If you don’t have time, you don’t have to read the article, just watch the video first and foremost!

  • Quality of Costumes
  • Impeccable dance quality
  • Beautiful camera work and video work like a music video
  • ・・・

The list goes on and on. I saw how good the dancing was on site, but the video is amazing as well. It’s a quick 3 minutes, as the best parts of several hours of filming are condensed into one piece.

In fact, they had only practiced together as a whole once to achieve this level of performance.

I feel that the ability of each member and TTT’s lean practice methods and advice for improvement are the reason why everyone is so perfectly in sync after just a few dances first thing in the morning.

Since the title of this article says “Behind the Scenes of the Shooting,” I would like to report a few petit accidents I would like to report on a few of them.

Petit Accident (1) “Dancing Comb with Dancers”

(Left: After shooting, Right: During shooting)

Right after the shoot, MOMOKA had a comb stuck in her waist! This was actually stuck in her waist during the actual shooting, but I didn’t notice it at all.

The pink comb was a good partner for MOMOKA’s dance!

Petit Accident (2) “Jewelry that wants to dance alone”

(Left: Before shooting, Right: After shooting)

The photo on the left shows MOYASHI and SAIRE in their lovely outfits before the shoot.

The photo on the right shows MOYASHI’s costume after the shooting of the video. The jewel decoration came off during the dance; in contrast to MOMOKA’s comb, the jewel seemed to want to dance freely.

The jewelry is a bit removed from the costume, but it is amazing that MOYASHI still looks fancy.

DANCE PRACTICE in the Studio

After shooting at Tokyo Station in the morning, we went straight to the studio.

As soon as they arrive, they begin practicing lightly, checking their choreography.

Next, they checked their standing position and distance from the camera before dancing.

And here is the DANCE PRACTICE video taken a while later.

The quality of the costumes is amazing here too. Looking at the thumbnail, it looks like the original.

The members were dancing at Tokyo Station just a few hours ago!

They did not look like that at all and danced coolly and powerfully. They danced multiple times at this studio as well, checking the videos of their dances on the spot and repeatedly making improvements. And the most impressive thing was that everyone seemed to be enjoying practicing and shooting.

I ended the interview with a nice photo at the end. Thank you!

My Thoughts after this Interview


The schedule was lean, with videos shot in two locations and all finished in the morning.

I thought it was a feat of the high ability of the members and TTT’s management system that they were able to complete the event so well, even though it was almost the second time for all the members to be together.

Some of the members this time were different from the last time I interviewed them. I am in awe of how TTT are able to gather such a great group of dancers.

I will continue to keep an eye on TTT’s activities. I urge you all to check them out!

A limited angle video by Dance Cover Lab

This is a video connection taken from the side so as not to disturb the production. The dancers’ movements are so precise that you can enjoy it without any sense of discomfort. Please take a look at this behind-the-scenes video as well.

About TTT Members

Here are the social media accounts of TTT members. All members are active in various fields.








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