[Team Introduction] “Twith” Performers on September 25 | Tourism EXPO Japan | Seoul Tourism Organization In-booth KPOP cover dance event

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Team introductions are posted on the web media for cover dance called “Dance Cover Lab,” which is organizing this dance event.

Introduction about “Twith”

Twith is a dance team copying TWICE.

They perform at events and post videos on Youtube. The quality of the costumes and dances in each video is very high.

If you would like to watch their dance videos, please check out their work at the Social media link at the end of this page.

First of all, please take a look at their practice sessions and interviews for this event!

Preparation for the event

Here is a small report on the practice that I covered.

I think they had a hard time coordinating the formations and the dancing members. Because of the limited stage size for this event, it was difficult for all members to dance at once.

This was the first time the members had gathered for this event.

▼They tape the floor and practice their dance for the limited space of the show.

▼This choreography is….

▼This is the climax of the last song, in which everyone participates. The quality of the movement is so high that it is hard to believe that they gathered for the first time today to prepare….

▼They finished with a final pose. Thank you for your practice.


Dance Cover Lab

Please tell us when and how Twith was formed.


Around April 2021, we happened to meet each other on Twitter looking for people who wanted to dance to TWICE, and we hit it off so well that we decided to work as a fixed group.

Dance Cover Lab

That was a wonderful meeting. What are the usual occupations and number of members?


There are 8 people in the group, which consists of various members including influencers, models, actresses, nurses, childcare workers, and office workers.

Dance Cover Lab

That’s a lot of variety! What are your main activities as a team?


We practice not only TWICE’s songs, but also other popular KPOP songs, reproducing their outfits and hairstyles, as well as their dances so that they look as much like the original dancers as possible, and upload them to YouTube. We also perform at various copy dance events.

Dance Cover Lab

You are involved in a wide range of activities. Do you have any goals for the future?


Yes, it’s to organize an event hosted by Twith where units covering TWICE can get together!

Dance Cover Lab

I’m rooting for you! So, how much preparation have you done for this event?


Thanks. We practiced about 5 times as we danced mainly to songs already uploaded on YouTube.

Dance Cover Lab

You finish it less often than I expected.
What were some of the challenges you faced in preparing this event?


It was difficult to change formations and dance choreography in the limited space.

Dance Cover Lab

I’m sure it is. Still, I think it is the skill of a professional to be able to finish so well. How did you decide on your outfit for the day?


The members voted and decided on the costumes from among TWICE’s outfits, taking into consideration the atmosphere of the songs to be performed.

Dance Cover Lab

I think it’s a nice outfit! Any last PR you’d like to share?


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Social media

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