[Team Introduction] “TTT” Performers on September 24 | Tourism EXPO Japan | Seoul Tourism Organization In-booth KPOP cover dance event

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Team introductions are posted on the web media for cover dance called “Dance Cover Lab,” which is organizing this dance event.

Introduction about “TTT”

TTT stands for “Treasure Trove of Talents.” They are a group that performs cover dances of various K-pop songs, and through social media, the members of the group gather to shoot videos of each song, which are then posted on YouTube and other sites.

If you’d like to see more of the team’s video work, be sure to check out their work on TTT’s Social media at the end of this page!

First of all, please take a look at their practice sessions and interviews for this event!

Preparation for the event

Here is a small report on the practice that I covered.

Although the team has a large total number of members, six of them will perform a dance at this event.

▼This was the first time that all the members were together on this day. They danced lightly at first.

*Mask removed only during filming.

▼AONO plays a central role in balancing the entire formation.

▼They all adjust the choreography together.

▼The movements are all in place and are much more finished after just one day.

▼Here they are practicing NMIXX. I am looking forward to the show.


Dance Cover Lab

Please tell us when and how TTT was formed.


Around the end of 2020, I often saw people dancing on social media, and I thought, ‘I wonder if these people could get together and do something…’ That was the first thing that came to my mind.

Dance Cover Lab

That is a wonderful idea. What are the usual occupations and number of members?


Today we have 6 members, but overall we have over 20 members. The members are really diverse in occupation, age, and area of residence, and we select members based on their ” appearance” and “dance”. Some of them are pop-idols, some are office workers, and some are dancers.

Dance Cover Lab

That’s a lot of variety! What are your main activities as a team?


If there is a song that the members are interested in, we will cover it. We usually meet after work on weekdays.

Dance Cover Lab

I have visited you several times for filming and practice sessions, and all the members seem to be enjoying their practice sessions.
Do you have any goals for the future?


I have recently been thinking that it would be interesting to have an event someday.

Dance Cover Lab

I’m rooting for you! So, how much preparation have you done for this event?


Due to our tight schedule, we finished the project in 3 x 2 hour sessions. We appreciate everyone’s adaptability.

Dance Cover Lab

You have finished it in a short period of time! What were some of the challenges you faced in preparing this event?


We really wanted to do more songs, but we had to give up due to the stage size and other reasons. I would like to perform them someday.

Dance Cover Lab

I hope today will be the start of a live performance on a bigger stage someday!
By the way, how did you decide on your costume for the day?


While we coordinate with each other in color and style, we leave each fashion to its own choice.

Dance Cover Lab

I think they are all wonderful. Any last PR you’d like to share?


Please watch for our new video when we post it on YouTube!

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