【ENG】[Interview] Dance Cover by 9BIT DANCE from Australia TWICE ‘SCIENTIST’ KPOP IN PUBLIC

About the group

The group introduced here is “9BIT DANCE,” a dance group from Sydney, Australia.

The group has a brilliant track record, winning at IMI KPOP LIVE 1 2021 and placing third at K-pop World Fest Syd 2018.

I watched all of the videos in 9BIT DANCE’s channel, and all of them were excellent in terms of dance and video work.

On Second Channel, you can see behind-the-scenes footage of the filming, as well as videos of the members outside of dance.

The number of channel subscribers is currently about 176,000, which is a very large number. The team has attracted attention from all over the world.

This time, I would like to pick up one song from such a channel and introduce it to you.

About the Video

The dance cover video presented here is ‘SCIENTIST’ by TWICE.

Fantastic! The costumes, dancing, camera work and filming locations are all excellent.

You can also enjoy dancing while feeling like you are traveling to Australia.

Here are some particularly memorable scenes:

0:26~ The synergy of the camera work with the beauty of the formation movement is wonderful.

2:26~ Their neck isolations are synchronized. I felt a sense of team unity.

There were too many other great points and things of interest, but I narrowed it down to three and focused on the appeal of dance.

Dance Cover Lab

It was a very attractive dance. Where is the location of the video shoot?


Thank you. We filmed at Darling Harbour in Sydney, Australia.

※Here is a Google Map of the Darling Harbor area.

You can see that the video was shot in the area circled in red in this image.

There are many attractive local facilities nearby as well, and it is a great place to stop by when you visit Sydney for sightseeing.

About Australia

I measured the distance between Australia and Japan.

That’s about 7,800 kilometers!

As you can see in the image, there is almost no time difference between the two countries, but the seasons are opposite to those of Japan.

The video was released in December, but all the passersby in the background appear to be in summer clothes.

Dance Cover Lab

It’s a beautiful place. The dance was breathtaking. How much did you practice?


For the Scientist dance cover we spent 3 weekends practising but our team has been dancing together since 2018.

Dance Cover Lab

I think I know why your group’s dances are in perfect sync. Did the members prepare their own costumes?


Some of our costumes were re-made from our clothes but some costumes were actually just our own clothes with some added accessories and fabric to make them look like the costumes that Twice wore.


You have done a lot of detailed work. I thought it was a highly reproducible costume. Thank you very much for your cooperation in this interview.

Summary of Good Point

Here are some of the great points I found in this video.

  • Dance, facial expression management, detailed choreography and precision
  • The quality of the costumes. We can tell what song they are dancing to just by looking at the thumbnails.
  • Good camera work. You can enjoy the video naturally without any discomfort.
  • The beauty of the video shooting location. The link between the coloring and pattern of the sphere floating in the ocean behind and the costumes is also brilliant.

As for the camera work, the following video, which captures the cameraman’s movements from the side, was also uploaded, so please refer to that as well.

About Social Media

This is their public social media account.

You can see more than just the dancing on their 2nd Channel! Check it out!

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