What is “KPop Dances”

I would like to introduce a database site of K-POP COVER DANCE from around the world, including Japan, which I have been checking regularly for some time.

Usually, when checking out cover dance videos, you probably search for “song title + cover dance” or “song title + kpop in public” on YouTube to see what videos are available.

KPop Dances, an aggregation site for K-POP COVER DANCE from around the world, allows you to efficiently find the group of videos you are looking for and view a list of thumbnails, costumes, and other information.

Anyone can operate the system intuitively as long as they know the name of the song or artist.

The image below is the top page. Recently added songs, etc. are ranked.

You can see at a glance the trending cover dance songs from around the world.




In ① in the image above, the most covered songs of the week are ranked. In ②, they are listed in the order in which they were added.

For example, if you want to look up IVE LOVE DIVE cover dance, go to the “SONGS” tab in the upper right corner, then select the song, and you will see a list as shown in the image below. As you can see in the upper right corner, there are as many as 1631 cover dance videos for LOVE DIVE!


“KPop Dances” is a great website for analyzing K-POP COVER DANCE videos from around the world from a variety of angles, including number of views and date of posting. It is a fun yet useful site for those who dance to use as a reference for costumes and location scouting, and for those who specialize in watching to take advantage of the overwhelmingly easy-to-view search function to view cover dance videos from around the world.

In introducing this site, I have been talking with the KPop Dances site operator about how we, as KPOP cover dance enthusiasts, would like to make this area more exciting. We would like to continue exchanging information.

It’s completely free and requires no registration, so please visit!

About Related Services

“KPop Dances” is operated by “JINJJA“.

JINJJA also offers another service called “BTS Fanchants“. Please check it out if you are interested.



Information on “KPop Dances” is here.


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