This time I would like to introduce a video of a dance cover team, not from Japan, but from Ukraine.

The standard for introducing dances on this site is to introduce dances that I think are good, so I will introduce them regardless of the country. And I would be happy if you could see our site from overseas as well!

For the first time, I have chosen a video from a country other than Japan, Ukraine, because of the current situation in the country.

For us Japanese, we are not close geographically and speak a different language. However, I am saddened to learn of the current state of invasion by Russia.

This site is only a place to introduce dances that the administrator thinks are wonderful, but I hope that more people will learn more about the situation of our wonderful dancing friends and what is happening in Ukraine, and that more people will be able to pray for them.

What we can do is to look at the facts and think about what we can do as Japanese people. I would like to see as many people as possible think about how they should face and act on Ukraine, which is in the midst of a major historical change, as Japanese people, so that there are fewer people who think it is none of their business.

I introduce it here in the hope that the inspiration for this will be the dance of the wonderful Ukrainian team introduced here.

*I have made sure they are safe and have permission to publish this article.

About the Dancer

I would like to introduce POISON’S.

They have posted MAMAMOO’s ‘HIP’ covered a year ago on their channel. This one turned out pretty cool too, so check it out!

It is stated in the overview column that they will be uploading videos on a regular basis. Therefore, I look forward to posting more videos in the future.

POISON’S is based in Dnipro, Ukraine.

The red pin in the figure below is the location of the site, some 8,000+ kilometers from Tokyo!

Quoted from: “Google Maps” by Google, Inc.

About the Video

I would like to introduce you to TWICE’s The feels.

The IN PUBLIC series is a great way to enjoy the local atmosphere.

I enjoy the feeling of traveling, especially when I see dance covers from other countries.

The first thing to note is the costumes, which are uniform in color and appearance. I will touch on this later as well.

I thought the dancing in this place was very tasteful. The background and the sense of the world are very attractive.

Even the color of the sign in the background matches their costumes.

In particular, at the moment when the song and the choreography are in full swing at 1:01, the sign behind them reads “КРАЩЩІСВРОПЕЙСЬКІБРЕНДИ” in Ukrainian.

This means “the best European brand” in English, it matches so nicely that it seems to describe POINSON’S.

As for the dance, in addition to the beautiful movements of each individual, the formation in the 8-member version is also very beautiful.

When I saw this video for the first time, my impression was that the matching colors and dance created quite a sense of unity.

In addition to this, I felt that the crisp camera work, good locations, facial expressions and mouth movements added to this high quality.

Interview regarding costumes, location, etc.


First of all, I hope all members, family and friends are okay.


It’s okay don’t worry.


Where is the place where you were dancing? It looks like a shopping mall.


Neoplaza Mall in Dnipro (city in Ukraine).


 Did each member prepare their own costumes?


Yes, firstly we were talking about the stage costumes. We had many different options, however we decided to come up with our own. This TWICE comeback reminded us of a beige or pink colors, but beige seemed more like us. Every member created his own costume. During our final rehearsal we all wore them to make sure they matched and fitted well. Everything was perfect.


Did you have a hard time dancing here because people passed by?


No, many people smiled and filmed us on their phones. We felt support and uplifted. We were so focused on the filming process that we didn’t pay that much attention to everything else happening around us. But we hope that we will able to perform and see all the smiling faces of the people on our city.


I wish everyone in Ukraine smiles, and I hope that your dance will bring even more smiles to those people.

Summary of Good Point

Here are some of the things I personally thought were good about their dance.

  • Originally made, uniform costumes that can be associated with the image of the song.
  • The image of the dancing place and the song. I also liked the linkage between the movement of the background and the excitement of the song.
  • Camera work that balances and enhances the location of the shot, the movement of each individual, and the overall movement.
  • Each individual’s dance and the formation of the eight of them are beautifully matched.

The location was beautiful, not only for the dancing, but also for the backdrops!

Thank you for the wonderful dance.

About Social Media

This is their public social media account.


I am filled with joy to see the wonderful dances, but also with sadness and a desire to do something about the fact that Ukraine is experiencing a phase in which the potential of such culture and works and people’s lives are being changed by an unreasonable force.

As a person who loves dancing and as a global citizen, I will not turn my eyes away from the daily news reports and will continue to carefully check the situation in Ukraine while discerning the facts, considering whether there is anything I can do to help.

I feel that this process will help me see what I need to do and what I can do.

I hope that some of you have feelings in a similar, if not the same, direction.